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When playing a ball game, riding on a bike, mountain hiking or jogging, we often sweat. Wearing clothing made of wicking materials helps to remove sweats and to keep our bodies dry and comfortable.

Generally speaking, the wicking function is reached through the profile structure of yarns or through the addition of wicking chemical agents to improve sweat absorption and evaporation of textiles. Wicking delivers moisture from skin to the surface of textiles and allows evaporation. Thus, wicking is one of the key factors that maximize wearing comfort during physical activities.
The yarn’s special concave cross-section structure usually has superior moisture absorption features that can swiftly absorb sweat and conduct the sweat through fabric gap as to making human skin dry.

With its special concave structure, the diffusing area of water is greatly increased thereby sweats can be evaporated faster. Moreover, the fiber’s concave feature of low moisture regaining improves breathe of fabric and no retaining of sweat and heat.
Also the excellent texture of the fiber yields several micro-slits within single fiber. As a result the fabric does not stick to skin and shows chill wearing, and also the dry touch can be maintained even it is wet.
Chemical Agent
This agent is a non-fluorochemical product that imparts durable water absorbency (wicking) and stain release properties to 100% polyester fabrics or yarns. These benefits can be seen on other synthetics such as nylon and acrylic.

In some cases, this agent marginally improve fabric softness and may enhance dye bath lubrication. When fabrics are properly treated with this agent, most stains are generally removed during one home laundering.
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