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Heat - Retention

Humans maintain a fairly constant body temperature, and to be adaptable to circular seasonal changes, clothing provides the direct defense for humans to get used to the changes in weather. In particular, during winter, we need the “warm” functions of clothing to maintain our body temperature and to protect ourselves. The heat retention of fabric can be reached via methods below :
The combination of the mineral and carbonized organic plant materials are performed for producing functional material with core-shell structure.

Therefore,this easy warm yarn can get thermal much quickly than normal yarn, and also the easy warm fabric quick heating speed that instantaneous insulates the heat.
Chemical Agent
This agent is made of main ingredients of Si02, magnesia, and alumina, a highly efficient infrared ray agent. Many metal ions replace themselves in this agent, so it absorbs and decompose bacteria and mold to result in anti-bacterial effect. This far infrared ray agent has the wavelength between 4~14um that can combine with materials inside organism to promote blood circulation and metabolism to give more vigor to life.
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