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Anti - Bacterial

Anti-Bacterial Textiles can prevent harmful bacteria from proliferating on fabrics and thus effectively reduce bacterial infection and related pathological changes that might adversely affect human health. Therefore, anti-bacterial treatments are widely applied in textile industry. Products include underwear, sportswear, work suits,medical garments and many others.
Chemical Agent
This agent is the product of choice for textiles, especially when wash durability is required. It is based on the molecule zinc pyrithione, and also is a broad spectrum, highly effective antimicrobial agent. Studies have shown that the active reacts with key proteins in a microbe’s outer membrane, blocking transfer of necessary nutrients into the cell.

Garments treated with Ultra-Fresh help to decrease our environmental footprint. Ultra-Fresh cuts down on the number of launderings required by keeping clothes cleaner and fresher for longer. This promotes energy and water conservation, reduces the use of detergent and extends the life of the garment.
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