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◆ It can be classified into Tricot / Raschel / Circular.
General knit fabric makes use of yarn loops to interdependently hook and knit. It is composed of many inter-knitted yarn loops.Each loop needs to be finished after the looping process. The gap between loops is wide.Compared to woven fabric, it performs better in stretch, recovery capability, and comfort.
◆ It also provides more possibilities for applications of knitted fabrics.
Flexible knit fabric knits with Spandex, Nylon, Polyester, or other types of yarns. Its flexible characteristics give fabrics excellent recovery capabilities and comfort. This kind of fabric has been widely applied to sportswear, underwear, and pajamas.
◆ It also has better stretch and flexible capabilities that provide comfort,
   fashionable sense, and aesthetics.
Jacquard knit fabric performs fabric patterns by knitting process. Knitting and various types of yarns form loops and are knitted into textiles. Knitting quality of jacquard knit fabric features softness and has good anti-wrinkle and breathability.
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